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Bridging perspectives

From the bedroom to the studio: A blog for the musician/producer 

Writing, producing, and recording music at home has become a common approach to self-releasing music. 


Think of the musician, the producer, and the engineer, as three different personalities working on a musical project.


What they share in common is the value of creative output. But ‘creative output’ may have a different meaning for each personality, so the collaborative effort is a skill to balance. 

One thing is certain, the ultimate goal for each is to serve the music. 

Each personality, the musician, the producer, and the engineer, can be a team of people working in the studio setting or it can be the responsibility of a single person, getting their songs ready for release.


This blog provides insight into the recording cycle, from pre-production to the 'stream-ready' final product, while bridging the perspective of the creative and technical to cultivate a meaningful studio setting collaboration.


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