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After making the move to Chicago in 2016, I've been freelancing as an engineer. I've had the chance to work with some great establishments, like SoFar Sounds, Audiotree, and Electrical Audio.

I've always been drawn to the DIY community in Southern California. It's all about that sense of camaraderie and collaboration. I started jamming with artists and musicians as a drummer,

with an ear for rhythm, pacing, and arrangement—and my passion for writing and recording music grew from there.

As a musician, I've gone through the whole writing, recording, and touring cycle but along the way, I found myself getting more and more into the writing process. I'd help out my friends, arranging and recording their demos, which connected me with a bunch of passionate performers and organizers in the area.


Back then, my recording setup was pretty humble. I had a couple of glitchy mics, a beat-up Macbook, an old M-audio Fast Track Pro interface, and an ancient version of Pro Tools. But with those tools, I managed to capture some real magic.

Nowadays, based in Phoenix, I'm armed with experience, a keen ear, and a continued passion for collaboration, I'm ready to work with artists and brands to create critical moments in the music.

About me

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